Insect Solutions Misting System 

The Insect Solutions Misting System consists of a drum, motor, timer, pump, pressure gauge, filter, nylon tubing, nozzles, and various other components for a patio system. The tubing and nozzles are located in aesthetically-pleasing but functional areas around the patio. We do not recommend the use of Slim-Line nozzles due to a high clog ratio and poor performance.   We only uses high-quality fittings manufactured by Camozzi.  The timer is set to dispense the insecticide in a high pressure mist at the most opportune time to enable the best control of the targeted pest. The system can be controlled manually by the owner utilizing the override feature. This allows you to take control of your outdoors when you feel you need it most. The flexibility and effectiveness of your Insect Solutions system will give you many years of pest control satisfaction.  

Insect Solutions

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